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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and has resulted in fundamental consequences in every society. We, at Alert, will therefore continue to review requests for funding. However, we ask you to please consider the following points when submitting a funding request:

•     Keep the health measures taken by your local and national government
in mind to stop the spread of COVID-19.
•     Avoid organizing events where (large) groups of people gather.
•     Clearly mention in your project description which measures you will
take to avoid the spread of COVID-19 when carrying out of your project activities.
•     We will not approve any projects that are focused on medical,
financial or commercial support needed for the fight against COVID-19.

Alert supports projects with a maximum of €1500 (excluding Fast Track Subsidies). To be considered for a subsidy, the project needs to fulfil the following criteria:

Alert does support:

  • One-time, small (inter)national projects and actions organized by and for young people, e.g. protests, workshops, publications, and manifestations.
  • Initiatives which focus on, among other things, the environment, emancipation, political awareness, international solidarity, and the intercultural society.

Alert does not support:

  • Groups or organizations which are intolerant to other groups within society.
  • Nationalism in any form.
  • Projects with religious content.
  • Projects that exclude peoples of a certain religion or view of life.
  • Projects thought of and / or executed by or for adults of 33 years or older.
  • Study trips or international internships.
  • Projects with a high government subsidy.
  • Travel- and personnel costs.
  • Structural organizational costs.
  • Emergency relief.  
  • Initiatives with a total budget of more than €15.000, -.


Social, economic and political equality

The world is unequally and unjustly divided when it comes to money and power. Alert believes that it is important that young people, via activism and progressive projects, are able to deliver a contribution to the exposure and improvement of the balance of power and economical inequality.

We will support:

  • Projects and actions in which young people are enabled to give their opinion and lend their voice.
  • Projects and actions which stimulate the social growth of young people.
  • Projects and actions which make young people politically equipped.
  • Projects which break taboos or allow unspoken subjects to be discussed.

We will not support:

  • Projects solely focused on economic participation (development projects)

Climate & Sustainability

Climate change and the exploitation of our earth is a serious problem that has negative effects on vulnerable groups of people, animals, and the environment itself. Alert supports initiatives that contribute to the awareness and/or behavior modification regarding sustainable life.

We will support:

  • Projects, actions, protests, and manifestations which contribute to the awareness regarding sustainable life.
  • Projects which contribute to positive change or a solution to a climate or environmental problem.
  • Projects which focus on the betterment of animal welfare.

We will not support:

  • Research, if this is the main goal of the project.

Anti-racism, feminism, and sexual rights

Alert believes that everyone should be treated equally, offered equal chances and not be discriminated against in society. Alert therefore supports projects and actions which contribute to the emancipation of women, LGBTQIA+, and fight against racism.

We will support:

  • Projects and actions that offer the ability for something to happen which would otherwise be difficult to organize in society (such as Pride celebration in a country where homosexuality is illegal).
  • Projects and actions about the recognition of racism in society.
  • Projects and actions against human trafficking and forced sex work for young people.
  • Projects and actions that promote the rights and treatment of sex workers.
  • Projects and actions that enhance the position of young women.
  • Projects that promote the inclusion of marginalized groups in society.
  • Projects regarding the right to choose your own sexual orientation and the right to choices on your own body (abortion).
  • Conscientization projects at schools.

 We will not support:

  • Projects focused on health care.
  • Projects focused on the prevention of HIV/AIDS or the conscientization of these or other diseases (there are many other funds more qualified for this).

Human Rights

Alert wants all young people to be able to live in freedom. This is why Alert supports initiatives that focus on the conscientization of human rights and / or actions that demand these rights. Freedom of speech, freedom to and access to education and free media play important roles.

We will support:

  • Projects and actions that focus on the betterment of the position of groups excluded from society.
  • Actions and protests which demand human rights.
  • Projects which provide a platform for diverse groups to safely come together.

We will not support:

  • Actions that promote freedom of speech, informed by racist presumptions.

Are you unsure whether your project falls under these criteria? Send an email to alert@alertfonds.nl